Phlebotomy Training and Certification

Requirements for California Certification as Phlebotomy Technician

FHS Phlebotomy Brochure

Applicants with at least six months recent experience in phlebotomy may be required to complete 40 hours of classroom training. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded a state approved training certificate from FHS. A copy of this certificate along with the documents listed below is submitted to California Department of Health Services (DHS) for State licensing.

  • Documentation of Training and Experience – Completed and signed statement of phlebotomy training and or experience (see recommended state form at above website).
  • Documentation of Education – Official school transcripts or GED document that shows a minimum high school education.
  • Passport size photos - Two photos required
  • Copy of a recent national phlebotomy certificate issued by a state approved national certifying agency.

Applicants with no experience in phlebotomy must successfully complete the Full course in phlebotomy. At FHS, these students are required to successfully complete a minimum of:

  • 40 hours didactic / classroom instruction
  • 50 hours practical (applied) instruction
  • 80 hours clinical internship in a clinical or healthcare setting

The 40 hour course for experienced phlebotomists is presented concurrently with the full course at the following locations in California:

Education Requirements

All applicants must posses at least a high school education or GED equivalent. Original transcripts may be submitted directly to DHS by the education institution or sealed copies may be submitted by the applicant.

National Certification

All individuals seeking California certification in phlebotomy must pass a state approved national certifying exam, which will be scheduled at the end of the course. Examinees who pass will be awarded a national certificate in phlebotomy. A copy of this document must be submitted when applying for state licensing.

Online Phlebotomy Program

The classroom or didactic component of the course including the Basic and Advanced class is available online and offers training certificates to participants throughout the nation as well as the State of California. This allows individuals to complete didactic requirements online and practical components (internships) at local facilities.

We require that you fill out a Student Assessment Form prior to registering for the online program. Click the link below for the form:

Student Phlebotomy Assessment Form

Online Phlebotomy Program

Phlebotomy programs with online components include:

  • Limited Phlebotomy Technician

This course is available online and consists of 20 hours of didactic instruction in basic phlebotomy. The course is recommended for individuals whose phlebotomy duties are limited to dermapuncture or skin sticks. Experience in performing dermapunctures may be obtained on – the – job under supervision. Successful completion of up to 25 skin sticks may be required to demonstrated proficiency.

  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)

Individuals seeking this certification with at least six (6) months experience in phlebotomy may take the basic and advanced course on line. Proof of experience may be obtained locally from current or previous employers.

Individuals with no experience seeking CPT certification may take the Basic and Advanced course online and receive the FHS training certificate. This document is recognized by most national certifying agencies. The required practical experience or internship could be obtained from local employers or local facilities with which the participant may be affiliated.

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